The Ignored Seven Sisters of Mother India.

Ignorance is bliss.”
How true is this?

The serenity and calmness which is inherent in our country’s north-east corner is mesmerizing. When I was a kid, my geography lessons taught me that India consisted of  28 states (then), and the north-eastern states were collectively called the seven sisters of India. In the course of growing up, it often got me thinking about the condition of the so-called seven sisters, I began questioning whether they really are acknowledged as sisters by our Mother India.

I feel just like a sister in a patriarchal family is often not considered important, ignored and undervalued in comparison to her brother, the seven sisters of our country are also treated in the same way by its metaphorical male siblings.
There is a famous scene in the movie Chak De India! in which the hockey player from the north-east asks a fellow Indian :- “Aap apne desh mein mehman (guest) banke khush rahenge?.” This powerful line is a wake up call to many of us to protect , love and respect our own sisters. Rather than being a guest in its own family, it is upon us to unite ourselves with our sisters and put an end to the racism.

The north-eastern states have only made us proud in return of the discriminate treatment, just like a girl often proves herself and the society wrong. The ratio between men and women is almost equal in these states, which seems like a dream in many Indian states which they thrive to achieve. In Meghalaya, it is often known that the woman is the one who goes to work while the men stay at home. Women are empowered in these states even with such fewer facilities and recognition. The scenic beauty is also provided by these states and therefore, it is for our country’s own good to appreciate the sisters of the family.
The North-Eastern states often seem like a wallflower in the room.Always present, but seldom recognised, always sidelined but seldom praised.

The success of India , only lies in the unity of its states. Therefore, it is necessary to preserve the value of our sisters, because they sure deserve it.
“United we stand, divided we fall.”