The Indisposed Patriotism of India.

Patriotism is defined as the love for one’s own nation.However, in recent times , the concept of patriotism has been challenged by certain events. On the eighteenth of June, the Indian cricket team was defeated by Pakistan, as we all know. The entire country seemed to have been devastated in the meanwhile. Social media sites were filled with memes, jokes, statuses, hate speeches and so on. It led me thinking about how our country views patriotism in such a narrowed sense. On the same day, India defeated Pakistan in hockey ( apparently the “national” game,) which was not even the talk until they lost to Pakistan in cricket. Is patriotism only based on supporting the Indian cricket team against Pakistan? Is patriotism only about winning in cricket alone? Is it only about making terrorist jokes against Pakistan even if it has nothing to do with the Pakistan cricket team? We must all think about it!

Had it been any other team which defeated India, the consequences would have been different. Perhaps, the reason to this remains unpopular. One might wonder if it is the divide and rule policy of the British which is still haunting both the nations. It is not about our losing, but it is about who we lost to. Our national hatred for Pakistan is so much that we do not fail to take that out in cricket.

Many supporters who were talking for Pakistan, acknowledging their cricket, were claimed as “anti-nationalists.” Patriotism tells us to love our own country, but it never tells us to not appreciate other countries, specially when it’s a neighbouring country. I do not understand how hard it is for people to just accept defeat. It is just a game of cricket and not a war. They played better so they won. It is as simple as that.Perhaps it is not abominable to support talent irrespective of nationality. I agree defeat is bitter, but people should take the defeat as a defeat in cricket. It is not to be taken so personally.

There were also flashy headlines about how some Indian supporters congregated in front of Virat Kohli’s house after the match. The inane mentality of some Indians just dumbfounds me. Patriotism is not loving your team when they win and attacking them when they lose. It is loving your own country and still appreciating the good things about other countries.
Cricket is supposed to be a gentleman’s game and it is not to be blended with nationality, religion but to be based only upon talent, skills, enthusiasm, confidence and hard work.
Whenever there is an India-Pakistan cricket clash, my news feed gets overflowed by hate speeches, jokes relating to terrorist and bombs, even though it is completely irrelevant to the game of cricket. Being funny is the new cool, but is making jokes about terrorists and bombs really acceptable? It is quite ironic for a country that gets offended the most to crack such irrelevant and lame jokes. Perhaps the match was really a case of divine vengeance by God to shut down all the egoistic,narrow minded Indian supporters who claim themselves as “patriotic.”
It is really saddening to see how a country hates its own neighbour so much.

“United we stand, divided we fall.”
This proverb should reverberate in every person’s heart right now so that they end the hatred for their own neighbours.
It is high time we as citizens of India concentrate on real problems faced in our country (there are many,unfortunately) rather than venting about useless issues and spreading hatred.


Author: wallflower755

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